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Live Animal Export

Shipping live animals is cheaper, regardless of the horrors the animals will endure before their arrival and the terrible death in store. In the case of South Africa, the ship’s destination is Mauritius, which does not have animal welfare as a priority.


While BWC is against the use of animals for any reason, including food, the reality is that these animals are going to die. The question is asked, why not ship the results of local slaughter? These communities require live animals to slaughter for religious purposes. But if the animals are slaughtered in South Africa in the manner prescribed by the religious authorities, does this not satisfy these requirements? Investigations have brought to light the terrible suffering endured by these animals. Cattle, sheep and goats are shipped via the East London route. The next export of live animals from East London to Mauritius has been confirmed: the livestock carrier, the Diamantina, has announced its next destination as East London.


How can you help?

Phone, fax and send an email to let the Page family know that the transport of live animals by sea is inhumane.

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The Ban Animal Trading branch of BWC has been active against this in East London and this includes the team taking legal action to prevent the most recent transport.

Astonishingly, the judge ruled in the defendant’s favour, even after viewing footage of the cattle transport, stating that he found “cruelty was prevalent and that has to be resolved in future.” Sadly, this makes BWC believe that it is about the money.

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