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Fur Free SA

NPO #: 085086.


Just in case you missed the recent insert on Top Billing on the first-ever anti-fur fashion show featuring 10 fab South African celebrities and 12 top SA designers, mid 2014, you can see below. (6 min)

THE FUR FREE MISSION: To strive for the total abolition of all fur farms where dogs, cats and other animals are subjected to horrendous atrocities and the use of fur worldwide, through inter alia the following means:

  • Spreading information about the treatment of animals in the fur industry and the false labelling of fur products around the globe by means of demonstrations, the internet, fliers, radio etc
  • Urging caring people everywhere to pledge never again to buy any item containing any fur whatsoever, even items labelled “faux” or by other names
  • Requesting suppliers to refrain from buying and supplying items containing real fur and to be vigilant against mislabelling
  • Until the above has been achieved, to work towards ensuring the humane treatment of animals in the fur trade worldwide, by bringing pressure to bear on all governments – especially the Chinese government – to promulgate and enforce the appropriate legislation, by means such as the following:
  • The gathering of signatures on the website www.mypetition.co.za (petition #00248)
  • Writing letters to the local Chinese authorities

A recent pet shop protest, held July 2014 that incorporated street theatre.

For information on the local Karakul industry and more, see here