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Consume Wisely

The Power of the Consumer

As consumers we have both a certain degree of power and responsibility. It is our choice of products, our purchases and our money that fuel the product market.

When consumers choose to avoid certain products, such as those that involve any kind of animal cruelty, the sales of such products go down. The companies producing such products are then forced to investigate the drop in sales through market research. Once the companies have identified the cause for their products’ decline in popularity, they may respond in a number of ways.

Re-branding may be one approach. Products may be packaged anew to appear more environmentally friendly. Alternatively, campaigns may be run, displaying how the company ‘gives back’ to the community or supports some or other environmental project. They may take an aggressive approach to advertising, through which they try to convince consumers that we want and need their products.

It is our responsibility as consumers not to be fooled by superficial face-lifts of products and their producers. If we stay strong in our resolve and abstain from products involving cruelty, companies will eventually be forced to face the real issues at hand and reassess their production policies and ingredients. If enough consumers boycott products for a long enough period to affect profits, producers will not be able to ignore the needs of the consumer market.

Put your money where your morals are. Support humanely manufactured and environmentally sustainable products.