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Greendawning Supports BWC

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Thank you to Greendawning for your letter of support.

At greendawning, our ethos is rooted in compassion for animals and a commitment to ethical practices. From the outset, I made it a priority to ensure that all our products are free from animal by-products and cruelty, opting instead for plant-based ingredients and a strict no-animal-testing policy. To authenticate our dedication to these values, we sought accreditation from Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) South Africa.

BWC(SA) stands out for its rigorous scrutiny of ingredient supply chains, ensuring that every component of a product meets their stringent cruelty-free standards before granting accreditation. As a proud member of BWC(SA), I can personally attest to their unwavering dedication to safeguarding all animals.

BWC(SA) actively leads the charge in raising awareness and educating the public on the myriad forms of animal cruelty. Whether it’s condemning testing on animals, denouncing the exploitation of animals in circuses, or highlighting the perils of factory farming and canned hunting, BWC(SA) leaves no stone unturned. Their advocacy extends to addressing issues such as the impact of fireworks on wildlife, the inhumanity of live animal transportation, and beyond.

Under the leadership of Toni Brockhoven, Beauty Without Cruelty exemplifies an unwavering commitment to championing animal rights. It is both an honour and a privilege for greendawning to be associated with such an exceptional nonprofit organization. Together, we stand firm in our resolve to make the world a more compassionate place for all creatures.

Beverley Webster
Greendawning Proprietor